Mental Health: 
                   the Epicenter of Your Life 

Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC

Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being

                     Intensive: Essential Treatment Upgrade  

Example: The car requires a large repair. The choices are to 

1)ignore it. The outcomes of this choice are: worry, don't think about it, or irritability when driving it. The car performs at a lower level than its true capability. How it performs each time is unknown.;

2)agree and commit to a 'patch job' repair which costs less money and the car is returned sooner to use. The source of the problem is intact, active and potentially growing. The car performs at a lower level, therefore is unreliable and the driver is anxious, irritable or doesn't think about it when using it.; 

3)fully commit to the full repair since it is the right thing to do or from an inner knowing. The cost of the repair is greater. The time to complete the repair is greater. The life of the car is longer. It performs at a higher level with ease and consistency. It is safer and more reliable. The driver has peace of mind while driving it.

1), 2), 3) are lower to greater levels of awareness as one decides how to resolve the car problem. 

This is a metaphor for how one can address, therefore, resolve mental health concerns and education.


A human being's most valuable assets are time and health. All else such as relationships, finances, academic performance, work performance, sense of self and level of enjoyment of each originates from level of health and time.

There are two parts to health. There is biological health and psychological health. Another way to express this is a human being has a level of physical health and a level of mental health out of many possible levels. It is a human being's level of mental health as to how the individual experiences, understands and cares for his, her, their physical health, relationships, finances and more. It is also a human being's level of mental health how time is experienced, understood and spent. In other words, a person can only 'do' at the level he, she, they understand.

Mental health is one's level of self-awareness. This includes the level of relationship awareness, emotion and feelings awareness, performance awareness, problem-solving awareness, decision-making awareness and 'how to learn' awareness. In other words, the greater a person's internal level of understanding about 'it', the more the individual lives in feelings of well being while 'doing it'. Also, the more on point and successful one is while 'doing it'. In mental health, this is understanding and responding to 'it' at greater levels of consciousness. 


1. There are symptoms of a problem. Then there is the source of a problem.

Example: From clear facts, the symptoms are a person is carrying two times more body mass than the physical frame requires. A person can restrict eating, increase movement and/or have surgery. This is alleviating the symptoms temporarily. The source of the problem is still intact and growing whether slowly or quickly. This is one reason significant weight gain occurs again. 

Mental health symptoms can be intense, frequent or consistent feelings inside such as overwhelmed, sadness, anxiety, guilt and/or stress. It can be behaviors such as avoidance, overeating, excessive sleep, excessive socializing and reduction in performance. Symptoms can also be situational outcomes such as relationship strife, financial problems, increased headaches, a decline in business and sudden loss of weight. Then there is the underlying source for the symptom.  

2. What does this have to do with an Intensive? 

In the initial car repair example, this is choice 3).     

     A. An Intensive is an effective way to understand, treat, heal, therefore, sustainably resolve the source of the symptoms. 

          1)intake process: understand the source of the symptoms;

          2)guided to experience greater levels of awareness about the power inside in a more reasonable and practical time frame. The power inside is used each moment to experience, understand and respond to an event in current time ; 

          3)provide greater time and space to sustainably resolve the source of the symptoms at new and necessary levels.

      B. It is a more constructive and efficient use of time and health, so performance and enjoyment increase in one's relationships, with finances, with one's physical health and at work or school in a more practical, reasonable amount of time rather than one hour a week for once a week to assess and sustainably resolve the source of symptoms. This format has typically been addressing symptoms in 'a slow drip' manner and the source remains intact and active. Then it becomes more pervasive over time. This is typically revealed over time through loss of a job, loss of a relationship, financial struggles or upticks in behavior difficulties with children. Keep in mind, one's level of mental health also affects one's level of physical health in current time and overtime.

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