Mental Health: 
                   the Epicenter of Your Life 

Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC

Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being

                  Relaxation is a state of Mind

Often, the ultimate purpose for a preferred activity has been 'to relax'. For example, relaxation can be viewed as sitting on the couch and watching a TV show or sitting in a coffee shop and drinking a hot mug of coffee. The underlying facts are there is the physical activity one is doing such as sitting in a coffee shop and drinking a hot mug of coffee. Then there is the feeling state experienced inside, relaxation, as one engages in a physical activity. 

The psychological is the feeling state experienced inside, relaxation. The internal feeling state is originating from the state of mind allowed inside as one engages in the external physical activity. The state of mind is originating from how one is choosing to use the power inside: Mind, Consciousness, Thought. 

It is the internal association one has less knowingly, less consciously made inside about the external physical activity that the individual automatically allows the state of mind. The state of mind is communicated through the internal feeling state. The internal association is a mindset more commonly referred to as an attitude. Then the person experiences and lives in the state of relaxation while doing the external physical activity: sitting on the couch and watching a TV show. 

The point is a person can allow, thus live in the feeling state of relaxation and ease while engaging in a physical activity regardless the form of the physical activity. This state can be referred to as resilience, a greater level of psychological listening, or an open, receptive state of mind. This can be experienced in real time independently, consistently and simply from within by investing in understanding the power inside at greater levels. 

This is understanding and living one's true capabilities for performance and enjoyment at work, school, home and in relationships. This is also self regulation originating from within across all situations naturally and independently rather than relying on external factors of a situation to be a particular way to experience relaxation inside. This is understanding and living life from greater levels of self awareness, psychological awareness, mental health: one's authentic self rather than conventional wisdom and conditioned habits developed with the power inside.   

Write today. From an inner knowing, complete the steps to schedule and participate in an intake appointment or intensive, whichever is best. It is the best and wisest sustainable investment to make in yourself, in your health and wellbeing, the epicenter of your life. 

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