Mental Health: 
                   the Epicenter of Your Life 

Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC

Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being

              Each one of us is living at a level of mental health                                                                           

Simply stated, a human being is half biology and half psychology. 

For clarity, a human being's biology is one's visible self: the body. A human being can experience many levels of biological health in current time and in general. This includes level of physical fitness, level at which one physical heals, physical injury, physical illness, physical disease and a physical abnormality. Examples are walks up many stairs with ease, breathless walking up stairs, a cold, the flu, pneumonia, a broken bone, severe lower back pain, high blood pressure, type 1 diabetes and cancer. A physical abnormality can be a clef palate or a club foot. 

Nature designed the body to heal, therefore, many times the level of physical health or healing a person experiences in current time is based on the manner in which the physical symptoms are viewed, understood and responded too. This is the same for psychological symptoms. 

A human being's psychology is one's invisible self. A human being's psychological experiences are ideas, feelings and actions. In other words, it is how one experiences, understands and responds to an event, condition or topic in current time. This includes how a person experiences, understands and responds to internal: physical sensations, physical symptoms, physical illness and physical disease. From leading edge knowledge, the source of the internal perspective which includes a feeling and is a level of understanding is the power inside. The invisible power inside is Mind, Consciousness, Thought. It is how a person uses the power inside that a person experiences, understands and responds to an event, condition or topic in the manner he, she, they do in current time.

A human being is experiencing a level of psychological or mental health in current time and overall out of many possible levels similar to biological health. A person can be experiencing reduced psychological health often referred to as psychological illness for many different reasons, again like biological illness. A person could have experienced a loss, a significant life transition, a trauma and/or lack emotional or relationship knowledge. Also similar to biological health, a person experiences psychological symptoms signaling the onset of psychological illness. It can be in the form of feeling states such as frequent, consistent or an increase in stress, anxiety, overwhelmed, sadness, anger, loneliness or hopelessness. The symptoms can also be an increased reliance of a behavior such withdrawing, excessive socializing, increased eating, restricted eating, increased alcohol consumption, avoidance or an over reliance on an activity such as 'screen time', shopping or sex.

Like going to a doctor for biological symptoms, the right thing to do is initiate and consciously participate in mental health counseling to experience greater levels of understanding about the symptoms' source, thereby sustainably resolve or heal the source.

Also, keep in mind psychological health effects biological health. For example, a person can have mindsets which restricts eating or movement, or relies on eating or movement to escape stressful feelings. Another example is when a person feels nervous, fearful or overwhelmed regardless the circumstance. During these occasions, one's breathing becomes more shallow, one's blood pressure increases and tension grows in areas of the body. This can include headaches and poor digestion. This is reduced physical health and functioning on those occasions. Experiencing this chronically over time can result in physical illness such as high blood pressure. 

Invest in the epicenter of your life. Commit to understanding, accessing and living your true capability for mental health, thereby physical health. Write to schedule and participate in intake appointments or an Intensive, whichever is best.

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