The ultimate solution:
               Increase Awareness of the Power Within 

Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC

Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being

           Intensive: advance treatment, unparalleled results

Mental health is the foundation of each area of a person's life whether professional or personal. For sustainable upgrades in mental health to occur inside such as experiencing less stress, eliminating repeating past patterns or healing an aspect of trauma, a human being experiences new levels of understanding about the topic, event or condition. This is a way of using the power inside: Mind, Thought, Consciousness. More specifically, it is using the power inside in alignment with nature's design. This is similar to doing specific movement to use muscles according to nature's design to strengthen them. This occurs more consistently and simply in services based on leading edge science of the power inside. This power is the source of creating a perspective, a decision, a feeling. It is also the source of one's actions and healingAn intensive is an upgraded, practical and effective way in which to participate in mental health services, thus experience the sustainable upgrade currently necessary.

Metaphor for an Intensive: One approach to learn a second language is a class which is typically 45 to 90 minutes once a week. While there is access to new levels of understanding, often a lower rate of success in the acquisition of the language is experienced. In other words, this type of approach in learning a second language has had greater tendencies to be more temporary and surface in nature. Another way in which to learn the second language is immersion approaches. Significantly greater facility, understanding and integration of the second language is experienced inside.  

An Intensive is a brief immersion in mental health treatment. The length of the daily session coupled with the brief duration of the treatment yields high results. Assessment and understanding of the provider is expedited. Then the provider is more able to provide the essential treatment required for the client to experience greater, sustainable levels of mental health in a more timely manner, thereby reducing mistakes and misunderstanding which can be experienced as additional trauma. It also provides the time and format for the client's level of understanding to effectively increase in his, her or their essential areas of need. 

This is an enduring and priceless investment in one's mental health (relationship with oneself), relationship health, financial health, physical health, work performance health, academic performance health and parenting health.  Clients who have participated in an Intensive have experienced a significant increase in mood stability, stress reduction, energy and stamina, communication skills, decision making skills, concentration, clarity as well as  enjoyment and productivity at work, school and home. An individual or couple can choose to participate in an "Intensive" for  reasons including, yet not limited to effectively healing depression, upgrading mental health during a life transition such as job loss, healing trauma, upgrading parenting knowledge, upgrading energy, stamina and performance during a stressful life event or effectively addressing, understanding and resolving a life partner issue. It is 4 days, 4 hours per day with breaks which make sense throughout the sessions. It concludes with 3 - 90 minute follow-up sessions. 

It is recommended prior to taking another vacation or retreat to "reset" from the stressors of lifethe right thing to do is to invest in sustainably understanding how to live in greater resilience, clarity and health in any event or condition that currently exists or unfolds in the days to come. Call 978-973-2124 or email: today to  schedule and participate in an Intensive. Invest in the epicenter of your life and well being: your mental health.