Mental Health: 
                   the Epicenter of Your Life 

Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC

Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being

Ultimate Stress Reduction: Use the Power Inside With Greater Awareness

 A human being's mental health is the epicenter of one's relationships, finances, physical health, choices, view and understanding of one self and level of performance and enjoyment at school and work. Like a human being's physical health, a human being's mental health is one of many potential levels whether lower or greater, in current time and overall.  

Stress is an example of mental health. Stress is a feeling state. This feeling state is insecurity. There are many forms of insecurity. Basically the feeling state inside in current time is less than calm and grounded. Examples are overwhelmed, worry, fear, hopeless, guilt, fed up, desperate, feel sorry for, resentful, frustrated, cynicism, blame and angry. Stress or insecurity is an internal signal in current time. It indicates


          1)the current perspective inside is a lower or inaccurate level of understanding about the current event, condition or topic, and

  2)the power inside, one's psychology, can be used in a more aware, healthier way in response to the current event, condition or topic. Stress has been using one's psychology in a conditioned, automated manner. This habit has typically been developed and practiced with less awareness over time. Regardless how well intended, intelligent or academically educated, decisions and actions originating from this lower level of understanding or mental health inside results in mistakes, failures and repeating the past.  


A human being indirectly learns how to use one's internal psychology from his, her, their first environment and teachers, one's caretakers. This is not bad or good. It simply is. The good news is a human being is now able to learn directly how to use one's internal psychology according to facts about what it is and how it works with a licensed professional who specializes in this knowledge. This is mental health counseling and education. Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC is a licensed professional who has been studying and applying this leading edge knowledge since 1997. When time and energy is genuinely invested in learning and applying this advanced knowledge inside, a human being understands and lives in greater levels of mental health simply, consistently and independently. This is allowing and living in feelings of well being such as resilience, calm and fulfillment rather than stress, insecurity and need in everyday, ordinary circumstances. This is accessing and understanding essential internal capabilities which were only experienced on occasion or were basically lying dormant inside. 


An important aspect of experiencing greater levels of awareness about these powers inside, is understanding and responding from a vital place inside: innate wisdom. This is where the best and right solutions are experienced and understood inside when in the most challenges circumstances. This is where learning deepens and accelerates even in the most difficult and sensitive topics and subjects. This is where healing and heading down the right road in current time is experienced inside.  


Learn to use the power inside, the power used each moment to experience, understand and respond to what is unfolding in current time, from greater awareness based on current facts rather than less aware conditioned habits, mindsets, memory or mood. Write to Schedule and participate in either intake appointments or an intensive whichever is best.