Be more psychologically astute: the ultimate solution.

Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC

Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being

                              Reversing Hopelessness, Inc. : a non profit
providing greater access to essential, leading edge principle based knowledge

Teaching individuals, children, families and communities how to "fish for a life-time".

Your "epi center" is your mental health. From your mental health originates your physical health, your financial health, your relationship health both with yourself and others, your career health, your learning or education health, and your spiritual health. 

Reversing Hopelessness, Inc. is a not for profit which provides greater as well as deeper awareness of leading edge social-emotional knowledge. "Social-emotional" knowledge is the invisible lens in which you experience, understand and respond to the physical world. In other words, it  is what is occurring inside your head, that results in feelings and actions. This includes learning, problem solving, decision-making, listening, and healing. 

The leading edge social-emotional knowledge is 3 scientific principles, nature's laws. All other social emotional understandings originate from a professional's theory.  These scientific principles are unlike any others, for they are also internal. They are the human innate operating system, the original IOS: Mind, Thought, Consciousness. Each human being and that includes you uses these internal principles each moment to create a perspective which could be experienced internally as a narrative, an image or a feeling. Through greater awareness of these 3 psychological principles, participants use them from knowledge rather than conditioned habits. This means the perspective created has greater validity which then results in more conscious actions and decisions. Also, keep in mind, it is less about positive thoughts and feelings and more about perspectives, actions and decisions originating from Truth or knowledge. This results in safer, more educated, more financially healthy and physically healthy individuals and communities.  This knowledge has been the fundamental missing link to resolving all the problems social, economic and structural in the world. 

Another way to view this is when Mind, Thought, Consciousness is used less consciously, more anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy, sadness or insecurity is experienced inside. When an individual is seeing from this place inside, he or she is misunderstanding. This results in misguided or less conscious actions or decisions. The same individual is able to understand the same circumstance from Truth or knowledge when he or she uses these internal principles the way they are designed to be used. This is resilience. The key for all human beings is to have deeper awareness of these internal principles as well as their original design, thus the individual has a much greater likelihood of using these powerful, internal gifts more consciously or in significantly healthier, proactive ways. The individual is better able to self-regulate...."see" and act on the ultimate solution when there originally seemed to be zero solution. 

Each human being uses these internal principles ~ scientific laws, each moment whether in healthy or unhealthy ways, proactive or destructive ways, conscious or habitual ways to:

1) make decisions; 

2) create his or her perspective which is where all feelings and actions originate;

3) problem solve through insight, synthesis and common sense rather than conventional wisdom, an intellectual decision or insecure decision; 

4) learn from conscious states of mind(one's true potential) rather than unconscious mindsets and unhealthy states of mind;  and

5) experience resilience simply and consistently whether a past trauma, serious physical health issue, or a cultures' conventional ways of being. 

This simple, yet profound knowledge allows the participator to understand and experience capabilities he or she already possesses, essential untapped abilities. 

Reversing Hopelessness, Inc. current initiatives are deeper awareness of these internal principles in:
1) schools;

2) medical facilities;

3) mental health providers and 

4) the public at large.  

Please send your tax deductible contributions to the physical address below. Words are unable to express the feeling experienced when a contribution is received. You are proactively contributing to creating a safer, healthier, wiser world now for each individual living or about to live in it. 
                                                   With heartfelt gratitude,
                                                         Faith Escudero,
                                                       MEd, CAGS, LMHC

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