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               Increase Awareness of the Power Inside

Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC

Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being

                                  Reversing Hopelessness, Inc.
     Facilitating leading edge awareness of our greatest asset: Mental Health

What is Mental Health?

For clarity, the "epi center" of each person's life is his or her mental health. Like physical health, financial health, relationship health, leadership health, career health, academic health, and spiritual health, there are levels of awareness in which to experience, understand and develop this "area of health" in a person's life. Yet it is one's level of awareness of mental health which allows an individual to access and experience his or her true potential in each area of "health".

This includes you regardless your demographics. In other words, it is never too late or too soon to understand, thus experience a greater level of mental health. The key is: being open, determined and courageous; virtues originating from one's mental health. Another key, of course, is to 'lead by example' or give to yourself what you hope to experience from others.

Simply stated, mental health is thoughts, feelings and actions. The latter originates from the former. Another way to simply state this is mental health is responses, decisions, problem solving, listening and learning. It is significantly less about biology, "the wiring of the brain" and genetics than previously documented and understood. This is excellent news!

1) A simple indicator of one's current level of mental health is a person's frequency, intensity and duration of internal stress. The greater the frequency, intensity and duration indicates the lower the level of one's current mental health. The lower the frequency, intensity and duration indicates the greater the level of one's current mental health. 2) Another important piece of this is, the greater an individual's psychological knowledge rather than how much he or she relies on an activity or a person or an particular environment to experience less internal stress, the more an individual is living his or her true ability for mental health. The opposite is to rely on a temporary coping mechanism or strategy to experience greater mental health. These two components of mental health are essential to understand deeper.

Why contribute to Reversing Hopelessness, Inc rather than another not for profit?

1) Reversing Hopelessness, Inc. specializes in leading edge, principle based knowledge. Principle based knowledge is uncovered and simply is. The opposite of principle based knowledge is theory which was created in one way or another by human beings. This is intellectual knowledge or conventional wisdom and it has "a shelf life".

2) While metaphorically "giving out fish" can be essential at times such as feeding the hungry or providing shelter for the homeless, "teaching people how to fish for themselves for a lifetime" is equally essential, perhaps more. This means facilitating the acquisition of essential knowledge, so the hungry overcome whatever internal psychological hurdle they have been facing to be able to consistently feed themselves; or once the homeless are given a home, they overcome whatever internal psychological hurdle, so they consistently reside in a stable home.

Reversing Hopelessness, Inc. is currently one of the few organizations with the leading edge knowledge to proficiently and effectively facilitate sustainable progress with these substantial psychological hurdles. In fact, this psychological knowledge has been the essential missing piece in creating and experiencing sustainable progress with our greatest social, financial, environmental and political crises.

Reversing Hopelessness provides greater access to understanding and using at greater levels of awareness a human being's most powerful assets: Mind, Thought, Consciousness. While all scientific principles such as gravity originate from nature, are timeless and constant, these  powerful scientific principles are internal. In other words, they are a human being's psychological system. Also, like all other scientific principles, they have a design or work in a particular manner. In other words, Reversing Hopelessness, Inc. facilitates individuals, groups and organizations to understand the "power" inside, how it works and to use it consciously from knowledge rather than using it in automatic, conditioned ways or according to a previous understanding about it. This results in experiencing and living one's true ability for:
                    a) resilience instead of stress and inertia, and
                    b) resolve instead of resist or repeating past failures again and again,
                    c) sustainable progress versus temporary relief or an intellectual understanding   
                        of progress.

Understanding these internal, unlimited scientific principles paves the way for human beings to live their true potential to: heal mentally and physically or evolve, develop conscious relationships with others including spouses and children, learn, teach, perform, innovate and create necessary solutions for problems that have been viewed as too impossible to resolve.

Another way to say it is each human being regardless his or her demographics uses these internal principles ~ scientific laws, each moment whether in healthy or unhealthy ways, proactive or destructive ways, conscious or habitual ways. To understand these scientific principles at greater levels of awareness allows the a human being understand an essential part of him or herself.

Also, keep in mind, it is less about positive thoughts and feelings and more about one's level of awareness whether the internal response is originating from belief or knowledge: personal desire or the right thing to do; insecurity or wisdom. This awareness ultimately results in safer, healthier, wiser actions and decisions; or more sustainable progress in creating safe, wise, productive adults, children, families and communities; locally, nationally and globally.

Please assist Reversing Hopelessness, Inc. to  facilitate essential knowledge and programs with:
1) how to learn at deeper levels of understanding with students and teachers (Education);

2) understand deeper the origin, steps and capacity to heal with medical providers and patients (Medicine);

3) understand the source of healing mentally and emotionally as well as other essential leading edge mental health knowledge which are abilities that are inside that otherwise lie dormant
(Mental Health);

4) understand at greater levels of awareness leading edge listening, communication,
decision making and problem solving for today and tomorrow's leaders;

in order to create and experience the desperately required progress in each of these areas that we are very capable of making happen today.

Please send your tax deductible financial contribution to:

Reversing Hopelessness, Inc., 85 Seaport Boulevard, Suite 407, Boston, MA 02210

                                                   With heartfelt gratitude,
                                                   Faith Escudero, Founder                                                                                       

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