Mental Health: 
                   the Epicenter of Your Life 

Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC

Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being

 Reversing Hopelessness, Inc. a non profit
     Providing greater access to critical, current, fact based self awareness

Reversing Hopelessness, Inc, a non profit Faith founded. It's mission:

upgrade access to & understanding of critical, leading edge facts in practical ways.

1. what mental health is

2. Inside out nature of life 

3. the power inside: Mind, Consciousness, Thought the source and ability to think, feel, act and for the brain, body and its systems to function and heal

   i. upgrade self awareness of innate wisdom: internal, unlimited source of          resilience, wise judgement, healing, bullseye solutions, beautiful feelings,   pure fact discoveries and necessary innovation

   ii. upgrade understanding, therefore response from true capability to self calm, restore, ground and 'see' from clarity and facts in 'real' time regardless the current event 

   iii. upgrade access to, inside & outside, and efficacy of mental health services, education, medical care, leadership

Please contribute today: Venmo @Faith-Escudero

Write in the subject line: Donation 4 RH, Inc.

Contributions are tax deductible and truly valued. Your contributions assists in creating a safer, healthier, more compassionate, more collaborative world in essential and necessary ways. 

Examples of Reversing Hopelessness, Inc initiatives:

1. Based on tax-deductible contributions, ‘mental health accounts’ are created. Each mental health account has a prepaid, consistent monetary value. Individuals who have  relatively lower financial and/or health insurance resources, truly desire to be more mentally healthy and provide for oneself and one’s family can complete a simple two step application process to qualify for a ‘mental health account’. As the individual is approved for the mental health account, the individual has access to necessary mental health services. The mental health account pays the provider directly an equitable rate for services rendered. This creates greater equity with receiving and providing necessary mental health services. It also allows the individual, couple and/or family to receive tailored services for the symptoms’ source according to the licensed professional’s knowledge rather than the health insurance generalized, automatized guidelines.

2. Based on tax-deductible contributions, create and share in simple, relevant, brief ways public announcements of goals 1, 2, and 3 to educate, thereby upgrading the general public’s awareness.

3. Based on tax-deductible contributions, train ‘response teams’ in this leading edge, essential, universal mental health knowledge. Response Teams respond in a proactive way directly or indirectly upgrading 1. resilience of those affected and 2. assisting to resolve core issues’ source whether it has been a longstanding unresolved problem or an immediate crisis locally, nationally, or internationally. 

4. Based on tax-deductible contributions, contribute to developing a pilot Advanced Primary Health Care Center in simple, logical ways based on healing  symptoms’ source rather than alleviating and correcting symptoms. 

  • Initially: office to provide leading edge mental health and education services
  • Initially: office for small size group meetings/conferences/trainings ie: conference room
  • Initially: office for part-time Licensed Physical Health Providers such as a) chiropractor, b) soft tissue therapist c) compounder specializing in hormonal health
  • Initially: Large room for classes such as

    Myofascial Classes: reduces pain, restriction, mobility issues, increases recovery                 

    Essentrics Classes: upgrades strength, mobility, balance, agility, stamina, symmetry of spine, neck, hips, core, shoulders and more in incremental ways for all demographics 

    Individual and small group physical training and rehabilitation: upgrades to heal injuries, weaknesses, imbalances, and self awareness education 

    Group classes by licensed health professionals: upgrades in practical stress reduction, sustainably weight reduction, sustainably Type II diabetes reduction, hormonal health classes, leadership/ managers knowledge classes

  • Next: increase offices for part-time Licensed Physical Health Providers to share. Includes Board Certified DO 

                                   With heartfelt gratitude,

                                   Faith Escudero, Founder


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