Mental Health: 
                   the Epicenter of Your Life 

Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC

Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being

 Reversing Hopelessness, Inc. a nonprofit
     Providing greater access to essential, current, fact-based self-awareness

Together we are.

Reversing Hopelessness, Inc is a nonprofit Faith founded. Its mission is to upgrade understanding of and access to essential, leading-edge mental health facts. This includes within education, leadership, medicine and mental health. It is understanding at new levels of consciousness


1. what mental health is inside  

2. Inside-out psychological nature of life

3. the practical steps inside to live in resilience in live time, the opposite of stress and insecurity 

4. essential capabilities with the psychological power inside such as innate wisdom: internal, unlimited source of wise judgment, healing, bullseye, fact-based solutions, optimal learning, necessary innovation and feelings of well-being such as love, peace, compassion and faith. 


I. Mental Health Counseling and Education Savings Accounts

A win-win for all. This benefit ensures greater access to medically-necessary mental health counseling and education services for the client. It also ensures more consistent equitable compensation to the licensed mental health counselor and educator. As the client heals and understands at new levels of consciousness, the individual access to optimal performance states inside naturally increases. This includes in the academic, professional, social and economic realms.   

When a client requires medically-necessary mental health counseling and education services, is clearly invested in completing the necessary work and the client is clearly unable to pay for these medically-necessary services, the client can apply for this benefit through standard Intake processes and a user-friendly written application. When approved for this benefit, the client receives the medically-necessary mental health counseling and education services to assist with sustainably healing the source of the psychological symptoms. This includes a medically necessary Intensive. The licensed mental health counselor and educator is paid directly from the Mental Health Counseling and Education Savings Account. A standard Mental Health Counseling Savings Account can be $3000 up to $6000.

II.Introductory-Level, User-friendly, Highly Accessible Mental Health Education

Brief video clips on accessible forms of media like FYI public announcements based on relatable, simple, leading-edge “A,B,C” mental health facts rather than mental health theories. They can also be in the form of a hard-copy visual on public transportation, a more frequented social event, or a billboard on a highway.  

III. Advocacy and Focus Group Education

Educating leaders, for example, local, state and federal government leaders to provide greater access to essential, upgraded mental health services and mental health education. Provide introductory mental health education to a public focus group such as parents, educators, law enforcement and/or individuals with anxiety.

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                                   With heartfelt gratitude,
                                         Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, ,LMHC
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