The ultimate solution:
               Increase Awareness of the Power Within 

Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC

Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being

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     While Faith has discrete funds of knowledge regarding learning, learning challenges, social - emotional challenges, social - emotional development, and Applied Behavior Analysis, her knowledge of Mind, Thought, Consciousness paves the way for greater accuracy in discerning the underlying cause or causes for the challenge. This clarity, in turn results in providing the best intervention or interventions to resolve the challenge. Please keep in mind the origin of an emotion, of a behavior, of a perspective is how one is using these psychological elements from one moment to the next.

     As an individual's awareness grows of these psychological elements, the more a person understands how he or she creates the perspective or reality he or she is experiencing. The more an individual understands it is originating on the inside, the more the person understands he or she has a choice how to view and respond to the circumstance. The individual is also able to better access his or her best choices or solutions in the circumstance, navigating through the circumstance in a wiser, healthier manner. It also simplifies why others are responding and behaving in the manner they are, simplifying both the circumstance as well as the solution. An example of this is at one time there was the common belief that if one walked too far, he or she would fall off the planet (conventional wisdom - lack of knowledge). Then the principle of gravity was uncovered as well as the principle that our planet was a sphere, simplifying both the complexity of the circumstance as well as the solution. Although some had this knowledge (consciousness) of these principles (nature's laws), it took other individuals time to become aware of the principles as well as stop believing in the conventional wisdom (Thought) - the planet was flat.

     Furthermore, greater awareness of Mind, Thought, Consciousness leads to living more moments with a clear, quiet mind – true listening and the mind’s default setting. This state of mind is the gateway to one’s true ability for physical health, psychological well-being and building knowledge.  Examples of this are Einstein discovering the principle of relativity, using one's common sense,  insight, synthesis, creativity, and emotional healing. It is also our instant connection with the true potential for health and well-being in others.

     A person is under the impression one’s response originates from the circumstance, outside of him or her, with a lower level of awareness of Mind, Thought, Consciousness."He made me so mad." "I am really worried about you." "That really scared me." This level of awareness leads to feeling powerless, experiencing stress, and lower quality performance. It also results in using these psychological elements in a habitual manner, typically replicating the habits of how the people in one's environment has come to use them. A person unknowingly uses his or her powerful innate operating system against oneself (moments of experiencing frustration, fear or stress) or creates self-imposed barriers to one’s true abilities ("I will never be able to do that", "That's too hard"). He or she also innocently buys into and passes on conventional wisdom which is misleading ("I'm a mother. I'm suppose to worry." "He is damaged forever"). Some refer to this as getting in one’s own way or ego.    

     You, I, we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to increase the quality of our physical health, our emotional well- being and our aptitude, by simply building awareness of what is. You have the opportunity to increase your enjoyment and performance at work, at home, at school, with your child, with your health, in a yoga class, in any area of your life - by simply increasing your awareness of what you already possess and use each moment.

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