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               Increase Awareness of the Power Within 

Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC

Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being

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    These psychological elements were uncovered in 1973 by a gentleman named Sydney Banks while residing in western Canada. The three psychological principles are

  •   Mind,
  •   Thought,
  •   Consciousness.

      Whether they are referred to as principles (nature's laws) or elements (all else is a compound), they are the original innate operating system ~ our innate operating system. Another way to say it is what we create with these elements while standing in the same circumstance may be different – separate realities. How we create the reality we are experiencing in that circumstance is the same. Depending on how one uses these incredibly powerful elements in the moment results in whether the individual experiences happiness or unhappiness, peace or stress, wisdom or insecurity. It is with these three psychological elements each one of us navigates our way through life from one moment to the next, hence creates the life we are living. Below is a brief introduction of each psychological element.

        Mind powers Thought. It is the life force energy that flows through the brain and body. It  powers their functions, for example, neurotransmitters are Mind. Very simply, in the moments we live in a better feeling, we are allowing our mind to be open. In the moments, the feeling inside lowers, we are choosing to close our mind. Mind also has higher capabilities such as insight, intuition, instinct, synthesis and creativity when used properly. In the moments it is not required to power Thought, it is unencumbered, clear, still. The feeling inside elevates. Some refer to this feeling state as peace of mind, love, or bliss. In these moments, a person experiences greater well-being, vitality and healing. Also, higher quality solutions are experienced more readily and consistently.

        Thought is an idea, a decision, the imagination, a dream, a prayer. It is the element we use to create the reality we experience from one moment to the next. When  a person invests in a thought, he or she experiences its feeling. Thought is not only the origin of a perspective, it is the origin of an emotion, and a behavior. Furthermore, positive and negative thought is only a glimpse to understanding the principle, Thought. D awareness of the nature of Thought allows an individual to use this essential life tool, the tool you are using each moment, in a healthier and wiser manner.

        Consciousness makes Thought appear real. It is awareness. One can live in different levels of awareness or consciousness in the moment. One can be more aware in the moment or more present. One can be less aware in the moment or more preoccupied. One can also have different levels of consciousness or understanding about something such as plumbing, the country of Andorra or how to golf. The greater or deeper one’s understanding of Thought, the more an individual uses this powerful psychological element in a helpful, wise manner. for oneself and those around him or her.

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