The ultimate solution:
               Increase Awareness of the Power Within 

Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC

Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being



You are capable of much more than you are most likely aware. Why? The fundamental knowledge of this principle-based approach is leading edge. You are organically built for limitless well-being and success in every area of your life regardless the past or your current circumstance. Greater awareness of what you possess inside and how it works is the key to understanding and living your true potential for health, healing, performance and enjoyment in any area of your life simply and consistently.

Guiding parents in building awareness

of the true origin of an emotion or behavior inside

as well as most suitable interventions

in the current circumstance.

Parents respond in a wiser, more effective, more knowledgeable manner.

Interventions or responses more accurately targets true reason

behind the emotion or behavior,

providing the support and guidance the child truly needs.  


Faith combines over 30 years of  knowledge and experience of social emotional development, learning styles, learning abilities and Applied Behavior Analysis principles as well as 15 years of knowledge and experience with the three psychological principles as she provides therapeutic counseling services for youth and guidance for parents. Knowledge of social emotional development, learning abilities and the three psychological principles provides clarity as to the deeper truth behind the reason for the emotion or behavior. Knowledge of the three psychological principles, learning styles and Applied Behavior Analysis paves the way to best interventions to support and guide youth's development and mastery of resilience, social understanding and independent wise judgment. 


Parents' feedback: 

After two 60 minute sessions, Mandi states at the start of the third, " It is going better. Now I really listen to what she is saying, asking myself, what is she really upset about instead of being logical or trying to fix it. Recently when Anna stated in a very emotional manner that 'I never do this', I found myself asking her to realize is that more true or less true." ~ Mandi, mother of a 9 year old recently diagnosed with nonverbal learning disability who frequently tantrums, throwing herself on the floor, intensely crying and speaking very loudly 

"It has greatly. I use to be quite impatient with my kids. Now I find myself asking them and talking to them more. I am more involved with what I am saying and doing. I recently heard a friend say, "I'm (he is) more a father than a dad". Then I found myself saying to myself, "Wow, was I that way with my kids?" I'm glad I am working harder to be kinder, gentler and more approachable rather than being just a provider and disciplinarian. Before my wife would say, "Hey the kids aren't listening." I would get off the couch and act like a gorilla pounding himself on the chest. After being loud, obnoxious, and make the kids do what my wife wanted, I would sit back down on the couch. Now I find myself being interactive by asking myself why are they doing this...And it is just sort of happening...naturally...I find myself putting more energy in being a dad than a father:" ~ Joe, married, parent of two children

" It helps me to remain calm when I would have snapped or gotten angry. Sometimes I still might flair up in the moment, but I usually turn it around and calm down quicker. I find myself saying "alright enough. What is the point of this."...Really improving my life and my attitude can improve theirs. I feel calmer and happier. I feel a lot more grounded. I do feel in a better state of mind more of the time while I still become more aware of things. It is a work in progress." ~ Joyce, primary parent of two children including an adolescent diagnosed with Asperger's Disorder

"I have been focused, but focused on different things. Before I was more focused on things in my head. Now I am more focused on the moment...I have more time with the kids. My head is clear more. I get more done. I have more patience. The day goes by smoother."  ~ Douglas, primary parent of two children

" My approach...there's not as much anger...or feeling as overwhelmed. I step outside the situation and if I see my thought process is not fitting the moment, I slow down to see it from a different angle. Not always, though. Sabrina responds a lot better in that manner than the way I use to do it, but not all the time, but there has definitely been a change."  ~ Christine, mother of a child with a rare genetic disability

"Yes. There has been an improvement...Well, just thinking before I speak...Just to be able to stop and think it through, "how important is it really"...It is progress, not perfection.." ~ Richard, primary parent of two adopted children

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