Mental Health: 
                   the Epicenter of Your Life 

Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC

Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being

              Guiding You to Understand an Essential Part of You

Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC facilitates understanding and resolving the symptoms' source. This is sustainably healing from within. In other words, mental health services and health options have been typically managing and providing temporary relief from symptoms. The difference is the leading edge approach Faith began studying and later specializing in 25 years ago. It is based on principles, 'what is' rather than theory, an educated guess. It is also based on realizations experienced inside rather than an intellectual understanding. Faith also has extensive knowledge and experience in mental health, school psychology and special education as well as inherent abilities and passion for the work. 

For clarity, in biological health regardless demographics, history and current conditions, living in greater physical health is unlimited. It is simply the way nature built human beings. Being interested and open in understanding as well as understanding at greater levels the source of 'being more physically fit', 'being more physically healthy' and healing are the keys to experiencing it and living it in real time naturally, simply and consistently. Then with an open, willing state of Mind inside, completing next right steps from new levels of understanding consistently and naturally is manifesting it in current time. 

This is basically the same for psychological health, often referred to as mental health: the origin of one's experience, understanding and response to current events. Another way to express this is the origin of one's perspective, feelings and actions which is a level of understanding in response to current events and conditions.

The bottom-line is each human being which includes you is living at a level of biological health and a level of psychological health {self awareness} out of many possible levels. While psychological health and biological health are separate components of a human being, they influence one another like the ocean water and the beach. One's biological health, relationship health, financial health, academic health and career health originates from one's current and in general, level of psychological {mental} health: the epicenter of one's life. 

Furthermore,'being ready' is a simple decision originating from an open, willing state of Mind. Simply stated, 'being ready' is deciding 'to do the right thing' from a secure, grounded state of Mind. 

Current Health Insurances Accepted. Blue Cross Blue Shield; Harvard Pilgrim; United Health Care; Always; Tufts Health Plan This excludes Tufts Public Health Plans. For clarity, EAP plans are excluded.  

List of Website pages below. Read. Watch. Realize. 

What is Mental Health? An introduction to mental health based on leading edge scientific facts rather than scientific theory or conventional wisdom.

Mind,Consciousness,Thought? Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC's leading edge and essential mental health education and counseling approach. An introduction to the power inside used each moment to experience, understand and respond to life, the origin of an internal perspective, internal feeling, internal decision and action. The internal power one's uses each moment to create one's life. 

Why Counseling? The fact based reasons to participate in counseling and education services rather than myths, assumptions and conventional wisdom about mental health and mental health education and counseling.  

Why do an Intensive? A constructive, effective, efficient way to participate in mental health education and counseling services based on leading edge facts. 

Stress Reduction? There is alleviating the symptoms of stress. Then there is addressing and understanding at greater levels, thereby, sustainably resolving the source of stress: one's true capability for mental health. An introduction of stress reduction versus stress management from leading edge facts.

What is Relaxation? An introduction of the source of the internal state: relaxation from leading edge, underlying facts. In contrast too, internal mindsets or beliefs of external activities and environments {a lower level of understanding} when one is able to experience the internal state: relaxation or fun.  

Faith Escudero, Provider An introduction to Faith's credentials, level of knowledge, level of experience and level of education.               

Reversing Hopelessness 503(c)(3)a non profit Faith founded. It's mission: 

upgrade access to & understanding of critical, leading edge facts in practical ways. 

1. what mental health is 

2. Inside out nature of life 

3. the power inside: Mind, Consciousness, Thought the source and ability to think, feel, act and for the brain, body and its systems to function and heal

   i.upgrade self awareness of innate wisdom: internal, unlimited source of      resilience, wise judgement, healing, bullseye solutions, beautiful            feelings, pure fact discoveries and necessary innovation

   ii.upgrade understanding, therefore response from true capability to self      calm, restore, ground and 'see' from clarity and facts in 'real' time          regardless the current event 

   iii.upgrade access to, inside & outside, and efficacy of mental health        services, education, medical care, leadership

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Counseling Youth  An introduction to Faith's approach to counseling youth, how and why.

Webstore   Brief description and additional details about education and counseling services.

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