Mental Health: 
                   the Epicenter of Your Life 

Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC

Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being

              The Power Inside: Mind, Consciousness, Thought

Briefly imagine an individual completing an electrical repair at a power plant with sparse formal education and/or training in electricity? What is most likely going to occur? Who is it most likely going to effect? Relax inside and realize the answers.

This is a metaphor for what has been occurring inside while using the internal power source each moment, Mind, to experience, understand and respond to an event, condition or topic in current time. The former is inside. The latter is outside.

How aware are you that you have power?

How aware are you that you are using this powerful internal energy to listen; to perceive; to think; to make decisions; to communicate; to learn; to view yourself; to experience and develop relationships; to understand and care for your physical health; to understand and respond at school, work, home and with finances? 

In other words, the current perspective, feeling state, decision inside as well as the action originating from them is possible since the internal powers are inside. The version of the perspective, feeling state, decision as well as the action originating from them are an outcome of how one is choosing to use the power inside. Each is a level of understanding being experienced about the event, condition or topic. This level of understanding can be pure fiction to pure fact and anywhere in between about the event, condition or topic. With a lower level of awareness about the powers inside, the current perspective and feeling state inside can appear real and true about the event, topic or condition regardless its percentage of fact and fiction. It can also appear as the only way to view the event, circumstance or topic or this is 'who I am' as a human being when it is a conditioned habit with using the power inside. The bottomline is these are indicators as to one's level of awareness about the power inside: that it is inside, how one is using it and how it works. 

Mind, Consciousness, Thought is a human being's internal living psychology like the body is one's living biology. Mind is the power source. Since it is living power, it has an intelligence. This intelligence is referred to as innate wisdom. Consciousness is awareness. Thought is the ability to create. Like a toaster has hardware and requires energy to flow through it for the hardware to complete the design's functions, Mind, Consciousness, Thought flows the biological hardware such as the brain, heart and lungs for it to perform its intended functions. Like all power, Mind, Consciousness, Thought has powerful capabilities. An example of using these powerful internal powers out of alignment with their design is when stress and insecurity is experienced inside in current time. More important, the feeling of stress and insecurity inside in current time is signaling the current perspective inside is an equal percentage of fiction about the current event, condition or topic. 

Like a human being's living biology, nature created Mind, Consciousness and how it works. Since nature created and designed them, they are scientific principles or nature's laws. Like a car, a mobile phone or a human being's biology, the more an individual understands the design, the more one understands its natural built-in capabilities. Then an individual is more able to access and use these natural built-in capabilities simply, consistently, independently. The individual also understands why to use them. 

An example is shifting simply from experiencing stress and insecurity inside to calm and resilience while the same event unfolds. More important than the feeling upgrading in current time {an internal signal one is using the power inside in alignment with its design}, the level of understanding inside is upgrading from some percentage of fiction to pure fact about the event and how one's internal powers works.  

Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LHMC is a provider who specializes in this essential self awareness and relationship leading edge knowledge. In fact, Faith began studying and applying it in 1997. Understanding this knowledge at greater levels allows a participant to access, understand and respond from true capabilities inside more simply and consistently regardless the event, topic or condition rather than revert to less aware conditioned habits adopted from one's environment and first teachers, one's caretakers. These capabilities that have always been inside. Now they can be directly learned about at greater levels of awareness, that is, what they are as well as how and why to access them in current time.

As a human being understands these internal powers at greater levels, the individual's awareness increases about an essential place inside: innate wisdom. When understanding and responding from this place inside in current time, an individual 

1) lives in feelings of well being such as resilience, love, calm, gratitude rather than insecurity, stress, previous trauma and loss;

2) is aware when understanding and responding to the event, condition or topic from some percentage of fiction or pure fact; 

3)is empowered from pure fact how to create healthier, conscious boundaries; healthier and more fulfilling relationship; heals from past trauma and loss; experience one's true capabilities to listen, learn, perform and lead as well as sustainably resolve problems and challenges at new levels of integrity and progress rather than with less awareness, recreate more of the same as in the past.

Schedule an intake appointment or intensive today, whichever is best. It is the wisest, most proactive self replenishing, 'get one's bearings' and head in the right direction investment a person can make. Copyright 1/9/2022

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