The ultimate solution:
               Increase Awareness of the Power Within 

Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC

Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being

Life Coach


      You are capable of much more than you are aware. When we think coach, what easily comes to mind is football coach, baseball coach or an athletic coach. A coach has extensive knowledge or understanding in a specific skill. He or she then guides the client to develop or expand his or her knowledge in that area of study or skill. The ultimate goal of the relationship is the client accesses, thus performs the skill from his or her true abilities, true potential.

      Now place the word life before coach and the role of this coach becomes clearer. Each one of us has life obstacles to overcome, that we need to understand more clearly, more deeply ~ perform with greater ease and proficiency ~ resolve and move beyond. It is simply the way life works, just like it works with football, baseball or any type of athletic training. Your hurdle may be making a particular decision, becoming more proficient with a skill, overcoming (a) fear, moving past a hurdle with a relationship or resolving something that occurred in the past.

      As you participate in life coaching with Faith, it paves the way for you to see the hurdle from a new vantage point, thus experience and navigate through it from the new vantage point. This new vantage point is viewing the hurdle from a healthier state of mind. This state of mind is purer ~ clearer vision from the inside…. rather than a habitual perspective, less conscious perspective or a lower state of mind. Faith assists you to tap into and understand more deeply the unlimited health and ability that is inside of you. As a result, you respond to life more easily and readily from this grounded, more aware place.


Example of Faith as a Life Coach

        A potential client called for a 30 minute complimentary consultation. He was 41, married, a father of two young children, and a co-owner of a lucrative construction company completing both small and very large projects. He stated that he found himself in a "similar situation" again. He felt frustrated with what he was doing and needed a change.  

        He began by explaining challenges he had been experiencing with clients. He also discussed some challenging situations with past and present employees. He mentioned tendencies he found himself falling into such as “adapting and moving on” and “allowing others circumstances fall apart. Then move on.” He desired more clarity as to the reasons he responded in these ways. His goals were to get more focused, organized, improve time management skills, and deal with people in more effective ways. He also desired to put more time and energy into a new start-up business that was his passion rather than allowing the demands of his current company to continue to push it aside.

       The new client and Faith agreed upon private customized coaching. This translated into meeting once a week, 2 to 2.5 hours per session, for 8 consecutive weeks. Then we would evaluate next best steps in the final 2 or 3 weeks.

        Each session he discussed situations which recently occurred with clients, employees or his business partner. Faith assisted him to develop greater awareness that his personal reality of the circumstance was not right or wrong. More importantly, he was creating it within and how he was creating it. His responses in the circumstance directly originated from the perspective in which he innocently chose to view it. As his understanding deepened of the 3 psychological elements and the universal mechanics behind them, the habits he developed with the way he had come to use them became apparent and fell away. Simultaneously, how to best navigate through these circumstances became simpler and clearer. Overtime, he found himself viewing and responding to highly charged situations in a calm, grounded manner more readily and without effort ~ his true potential for health and well-being.  

        During the eight weeks of coaching, he completed a large construction project on time, resulting in a large profit margin and resolved a number of the client and employee circumstances he had described in earlier appointments. Furthermore, it was learned in the eighth appointment he smoked 4 cigarettes in the last 3 weeks rather than a half a pack to one pack per day. He drank two or three beers twice a week rather than three or four beers a day. He also organized his home office which was a significant undertaking.

        Keep in mind these changes in behavior were never directly addressed. They were residual outcomes from using his innate operating system in a more conscious and proficient manner. In other words, he experienced a significant reduction in stress. He lived in a better feeling, responded from his common sense rather than conditioned habits, and became more proficient at focusing on the task at hand more of the time, thereby, accomplishing more throughout the day and at a higher level of quality.  Read More….

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