The ultimate solution:
               Increase Awareness of the Power Inside

Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC

Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being

Stress Reduction


 The Ultimate Stress Reduction Class     

     You are capable of much more than you are most likely aware. Why? The fundamental knowledge of this principle-based approach is leading edge science. You are organically built for limitless well-being and success in every area of your life regardless the past or your current circumstance. Greater awareness of what you possess inside and how it works is the key to understanding and living your true potential for health, healing, performance and enjoyment in any area of your life simply and consistently.

       A stress reduction class usually focuses on stress reduction techniques, ways in which to alleviate the symptoms of stress. These can include listening to the breath, guided visualization, meditation, exercising, planting a garden, yoga, and more. As one participates in the stress reduction activity, one begins to experience a healthier state of mind ~ resilience.  Greater awareness of the simple mechanics behind experiencing resilience - a clear, receptive mind in the here and now as one practices a stress reduction activity is the ultimate stress reduction solution.

     Here is a simple example of the mechanics behind a stress reduction technique. The stress reduction technique is listening to the breath. As one listens to the breath, pays attention to the breath, one allows his or her mind to clear. As the mind is permitted to clear of thought occurring inside, the feeling inside elevates and the body relaxes. One?s level of consciousness or awareness also rises in these moments.

     The deeper your understanding of the simple, yet universal mechanics of our innate operating system, Mind, Thought, Consciousness, the more moments you experience a quiet, clear, calm state of mind ~ presence ~ our true default setting. You use this incredibly powerful IOS in a wiser manner, in a more proactive manner, in a more helpful manner for yourself as well as those around you. 


Mind, Thought, Consciousness, Our Innate Operating System

      Just like a computer has an innate operating system (IOS), you have a powerful innate operating system. The elements of the human IOS are Mind, Thought, and Consciousness. These psychological elements are principles, nature's laws, just like gravity and magnetism are scientific principles. They exist and could only be uncovered.

      You use these psychological elements each moment ~ to create your perspective, to create the feeling you live in, to respond or act, to build knowledge, to make decisions, to listen, and more. With a greater level of knowledge of Mind, Thought, Consciousness, you are clearer where your experience is truly originating from one moment to the next. You are also more aware where others? experiences and responses are truly originating. What appeared complex, simplifies. You are less likely to misunderstand and misperceive. You are less likely to innocently develop habits with how you use them, habits which get in the way of your health and happiness such as anxiety, insecurity, analysis or conventional wisdom. You use their optimal features more easily and readily such as insight, synthesis, and common sense. You access your true potential for mental health, physical health, to learn.

      With less awareness of Mind, Thought, Consciousness, an individual develops conditioned habits with how he or she uses them. In other words, the individual develops conditioned ways how to view, thus, experience and respond to a circumstance, to life. A person is also less aware of the more optimal features of Mind, Thought, Consciousness, therefore, accesses them less, struggles to access them, is not aware of them, or believes they are impossible. Read More?.