Mental Health: 
                   the Epicenter of Your Life 

Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC

Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being


Faith is a licensed special education teacher, elementary education teacher, school psychologist and mental health counselor. As a teacher, the students' primary learning barrier tended to be a lack of social, emotional and 'how to learn' awareness. More simply stated, it was essential self awareness. As a school psychologist, often the primary reason for a task was to formally assess, therefore, determine the underlying source for less than average academic knowledge acquisition. Then consult with staff and parents to increase understanding of the student's true capability to learn, learning style and assist in increasing internal access to learning in the least restrictive educational environment. 

Throughout most of this time, Faith specialized in Applied Behavior Analysis, principle based interventions to shape safe and next levels social behavior. As she began specializing in Three Principles Psychology twenty four years ago, the internal source of a behavior, feeling, mindset or learning, the primary focus has been providing direct and relevant intervention to upgrade: essential self awareness, social and relationship knowledge, leadership knowledge, self regulation knowledge as well as learning and and performance knowledge.

Due to Faith's depth of understanding, inherent strengths and areas of study, she has had a tendency to identify and address the 'symptoms' underlying source beyond what has been commonly experienced. What also sets Faith’s services apart is the leading edge knowledge she has been studying and applying since 1997, Three Principles Psychology. The principles are Mind, Thought, Consciousness. Each human being is using this internal power to experience, understand and respond to life in current time.

Like nature created a design for our biology, nature created a design how this internal power works. To understand this design at increasing levels, empowers an individual to use it more simply, consistently and independently in essential, healthy, proactive ways knowingly more of the time regardless demographics, events, topics or conditions. Otherwise, a person tends to less knowingly use it in a conditioned, automatic ways, hence greater probability of stress, mistakes, failures and vulnerability to disinformation when under the impression one is understanding and 'doing the right thing'. 

Since this advanced knowledge is internal principles, provides greater access and understanding to true and fundamental capabilities inside which includes healing from within and apparent levels of efficacy experienced with clients, families and students regardless demographics, Faith founded Reversing Hopelessness, Inc. in 2005. RH, Inc. is a not for profit dedicated to provide greater access to this essential self awareness knowledge. This includes increasing levels of  awareness as a provider, participant and administrator in mental health services, medical services and education to increase in necessary ways internal access to and delivery of these services. This thereby naturally reduces resource expenditure when providing, participating and overseeing these essential human services. Increasing levels of awareness of this leading edge knowledge has been an essential missing component in industries such as mental health, medicine, education, business, leadership, law enforcement and more.

One of RH, Inc's current initiatives is development and accessibility to an Advanced Primary Healthcare Center where physical and mental health symptoms are viewed, understood and treated with this essential self awareness. Another initiative is providing basics facts about mental health, mental health treatment and the power inside through simple, relevant, interesting public service announcements to educate the public in vital ways. Another project is upgrading mental health treatment and education services in long overdue and critical ways. Finally, a user friendly series of books in this leading edge knowledge is being edited and published, therefore, soon widely accessible to the public.

Please donate today to Reversing Hopelessness, Inc. through Venmo @Faith-Escudero. Write in the subject line: Reversing Hopelessness Donation. Your contributions are tax deductible. Sincere gratitude for listening, understanding and contributing.