The ultimate solution:
               Increase Awareness of the Power Within 

Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC

Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being

Anger Reduction



   What is an Anger Management Class?

         You are capable of much more than you are most likely aware. Why? The fundamental knowledge of this principle-based approach is leading edge. You are organically built for limitless well-being and success in every area of your life regardless the past or your current circumstance. Greater awareness of what you possess inside and how it works is the key to understanding and living your true potential for health, healing, performance and enjoyment in any area of your life simply and consistently.

         Anger Management Classes are classes focused on a variety of techniques to manage or control anger. An individual must remember and then apply the technique when he or she is feeling angry such as walk away or take deep breaths. With this type of class, a person continues to view and experience life's circumstances from the perspective of anger, one way out of countless ways to experience what is occurring. 

     Faith offers Anger Reduction Class. Is it different than an Anger Management Class? 

     Yes. When a person experiences anger varies. How a person creates the emotion is the same for each human being. The deeper a person understands the simple, yet universal mechanics behind experiencing the feeling of anger, or any feeling for that matter, a person's choices naturally expands how to view, thus experience what is transpiring, regardless the circumstance. In other words, a person's ability to experience resilience, bouncing back to a healthy state of mind, occurs more consistently with ease. 

     An Example of Anger Reduction

     Tom was referred for ?counseling? due to a school suspension. He was not permitted to return to school until he was actively participating in counseling. Tom was tall and thin. He presented as pleasant and reasonable. It was not apparent he had severe issues with anger which evolved into physical aggression. Tom's mother explained during the intake that her sons had fist fights often. It also resulted in property damage such as holes in the walls of their home. As she spoke, the feeling emanating from her was melancholy.

     Soon after the intake, Faith called and spoke to the high school assistant principal who mandated counseling. He explained "Tom would either end up killing someone or dead because when he gets angry,  there is no stopping him." Due to the severity of the fights, the police have to be called to stop them.

      Tom's adamant refusal to participate as the third appointment began made it clear he was opposed to counseling. As the appointment unfolded, Tom, Tom?s mother, and Faith spoke about the expectations of counseling and created a plan in which all three parties agreed upon.

     Twice a week for the next 6 weeks Tom attended counseling and actively participated. Faith discussed the three psychological elements in a variety of ways to Tom, that is, how an individual creates the reality he or she experiences in any circumstance with them. Intermittently, he would suddenly have an insight about his family?s history. She would stop and listen with a clear mind  - to provide space for the insight to fully emerge. Then she would resume with discussing the principles. Please keep in mind some spontaneous disclosures revealed highly traumatic circumstances.

     Then one day when Faith greeted Tom in the waiting room, it was obvious the feeling emanating from both his mother and himself was very different. They were not only smiling, they were glowing. Their spirits were high.

      After settling into a chair, Tom was asked to explain. He stated, ?My brother started on me as usual, picking a (fist) fight. As I was fighting him, I saw where my anger was coming from. I saw it was coming from an angry thought inside. Then the anger disappeared and I did not want to fight. My brother tried to keep fighting. I wouldn?t fight.? It was apparent as he spoke a weight was lifted from Tom's shoulders.

     In the past, Tom was under the impression his anger was originating outside of him - from his brother's words and actions or another person's words and actions. He was under the impression he was feeling angry because they were making him angry. This time while experiencing intense anger, he saw for himself the anger was originating from the inside. In a few discrete moments while feeling angry and fist fighting, Tom saw beyond the perspective he was experiencing to how Thought was creating the feeling and reality he was experiencing in those moments. In these moments, Tom experienced an "insight" and his knowledge of Mind, Thought, Consciousness immediately deepened.  As this occurred, his mind cleared and he automatically regained his ability to more consciously choose how to use these 3 incredibly powerful gifts.

     Now Tom had an inner knowing how he created his perspective. Now he understood at a deeper level, from within, he is able to choose how to view the circumstance and thus, respond to it. Now he was able to use his 3 psychological elements more consciously, more wisely rather than respond in a habitual manner (anger) as he did in the past. Read more....

     Decide to feel better. The solution is simpler and more effective than you think. Today, schedule to participate in a program with Faith that best meets your needs. The sooner, the better. More time to be happy and enjoy life ~ enjoy your children, your family, your work. It is the wisest investment you can make. As your awareness of your 3 psychological elements grows, you experience greater health, happiness, vitality, and resilience. You become your true self.