The ultimate solution:
               Increase Awareness of the Power Within 

Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC

Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being


Faith has earned licenses as a special education teacher, general education teacher, school psychologist and mental health counselor. She completed her undergraduate studies at Pennsylvania State University and her graduate studies at University of Massachusetts Boston. The previous approach in which she specialized for 20 years was Applied Behavior Analysis. This approach focuses on resolving the behavior. Three Principles Psychology clarifies and resolves the origin of a behavior, distress or mindset.

Due to Faith's depth of understanding, inherent strengths and field of study combination, she has a tendency to identify and address the underlying source of the symptoms experienced such as distress beyond what has been commonly experienced.What also sets Faith’s services apart is the leading edge knowledge she has been studying and applying since 1997, Three Principles Psychology. The principles are Mind, Thought, Consciousness. They are the power inside. Each human being is using this power each moment to experience, understand and respond to life in the here and now.

Like nature created a design in which our biology functions, nature created a design in which the psychological power inside functions. To understand this design at increasing levels, provides an individual with the opportunity to access, experience and respond from inherent capabilities and mental health which have been dormant inside. 

Due to healing, internal shifts and sustainable progress experienced with clients, families and students, Faith founded Reversing Hopelessness, Inc. in 2005. RH, Inc. is a not for profit dedicated to provide optimal access to the leading edge science about the power inside: Mind, Thought, Consciousness. It is also focused on increasing awareness about this leading edge science when providing and participating in mental health services, medical services, and education. While these powers have been the internal source in delivering and participating in these services, increasing levels of awareness about them within these service based industries significantly increases the level of efficacy both for the provider and the participant, significantly reduces the dollars spent when accessing and delivering these services as well as significantly reduces the stress and mistakes of the provider & participator. Understanding this leading edge knowledge at increasing levels has been the essential missing piece in the fields of mental health, medicine, education, business and more.

One of RH, Inc's current initiatives is development and accessibility of an Advanced Medical Center where physical symptoms are viewed for the first time in primary health care from this leading edge science. Another initiative is providing the basics of this leading edge knowledge through simple, yet progressive projects at affordable to zero cost to the public. Another project is completing swiftly a high quality, yet simple 'user' friendly guide (book) of these essential powers within which are used to understand and respond to life in the now.

Please donate today to Reversing Hopelessness, Inc through Venmo. Your contributions are tax deductible. Sincere gratitude for listening, understanding and contributing.