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Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being

Reversing Hopelessness, Inc. ~ a not for profit

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Our mental health is our essence. From it originates our financial health, career health, education health, physical health, relationship with self, parenting, relationship with spouse, coworkers, employers, family and friends

Reversing Hopelessness, Inc., a not for profit, provides revolutionary social-emotional knowledge and mental health treatment. Clients develop a deeper understanding of 3 scientific principles, Mind, Thought, Consciousness. Each human being uses these 3 psychological elements to create his or her perspective. All feelings, responses, decisions and behaviors originate from the perspective being created. Through greater awareness of these 3 psychological principles, participants use them more consciously, from knowledge rather than conditioned habits. Therefore, while creating a perspective, clients understand independently how they are choosing to use these psychological elements as well as  how they are able to create a healthy state of mind. In other words, knowledge of these principles allows clients to experience resilience simply and consistently rather than depend on outside resources or coping mechanisms to alleviate internal distress. This is each human being's true potential for well-being, healing, learning, and wise decision-making.

Another way to view this is when Mind, Thought, Consciousness is used less consciously, more anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy, sadness or insecurity can be experienced. Not only does an individual experience reduced emotional and physical health, actions and decisions originating from these states of mind leads to mistakes, reduced performance, crises, innocently "teaching" insecure states of mind, or "heading in the wrong direction" with one's life. These feelings can also be referred to as "stress". When a participant has greater knowledge of these 3 psychological principles, these feelings or perspectives naturally fall away and healthier feelings, perspectives, or states of mind are experienced such as insight, common sense, pure listening, greater focus and more. Actions and decisions originating from these states of mind effectively resolve and evolve the circumstance as well as the individuals involved. 

Each human being uses these internal principles ~ scientific laws, each moment whether in healthy or unhealthy ways, proactive or destructive ways, conscious or habitual ways to:

1) make decisions; 

2) create his or her perspective which is where all actions originate;

3) problem solve through insight, synthesis and common sense rather than current conventions and standards (intellectually based) decisions; 

4) learn from conscious states of mind(one's true potential) rather than unconscious mindsets and unhealthy states of mind;  

5) experience resilience simply and consistently whether a past trauma, serious physical health issue, or a cultures' conventional ways of being. 

This simple, yet profound knowledge allows the participator to understand and experience capabilities he or she already possesses, essential untapped abilities. 

Reversing Hopelessness, Inc. current initiatives are teaching the principles of optimal well-being, healing, learning and problem solving in:
1) schools ~ these principles are a part of school curriculum as all underlying principles are such as the earth is a sphere, gravity and magnetism, beginning with simple programs for students, staff, administration and parents;

2) medical facilities ~ medical staff, medical administration and patients to substantially upgrade accurate medical diagnosis and treatment as well as accelerate healing while reducing unnecessary costs;

3) mental health providers and organizations, thus substantially increase efficacy rates which are sustainable. 

Greater knowledge of these scientific principles is the underlying solution for all the challenges  being experienced today regardless the odds.

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                                                   With heartfelt gratitude,
                                                         Faith Escudero,
                                                       MEd, CAGS, LMHC

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