Faith Escudero, MEd, CAGS, LMHC

Teaching the Principles of Optimal Mental Well-being

Reversing Hopelessness, Inc.  

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Reversing Hopelessness, Inc., a not for profit, was established in 2005 to address a critical need ~ accessibility to clearly effective mental health education & treatment, regardless ability to pay. This includes proactively providing classes in schools and medical facilities which educate children, adolescents, parents, adults and families in the principles of social & emotional well being, resilience, wise decision making & directly understanding how to consciously learn all human beings true psychological nature.

After extensive experience as a special education teacher and  school psychologist, Faith Escudero, founder,  was introduced to an advanced and essential psychological paradigm based on principles. These principles are a human being's most powerful assets, Mind, Thought, Consciousness. Greater knowledge of these principles allows a human being to consciously understand the "root" of psychological distress, thus live in a healthy state of mind or experience feelings of well being while effectively resolving the current challenge. 

Participants tend to experience psychological buoyancy quickly with the symptoms of trauma, loss or stressor. Then treatment focuses on deepening the participant's knowledge of these principles, so the client is able to simply & consistently experience resilience & well being independently long after treatment ends, regardless the psychological demands in the moments to come. The results of a deepening awareness of this psychological knowledge is greater functionally in all areas of life including increased: physical health,  physical healing & self-care, school performance, job performance & employment as well as quality of home stability & parenting. 

In contrast, conventional mental health treatment & education has been based on a highly regarded professional's theory. Treatment based on these approaches has had limited and temporary results, requiring the client to be  dependent upon the treatment provider and/or mental health system to "manage" the symptoms. The outcome: the client continues to be less functional in one or more key areas of life, thereby, raising reduced psychological functioning children. 

Please give your tax deductible contributions. Any amount is accepted and greatly appreciated. It gives an child, adolescent, adult, or family a second chance to live the life they are truly capable of living and deserve. As the recipients deepens their awareness of this vital psychological knowledge & are mentally, socially, and physically healthier, they are a more productive, vital contributor economically, environmentally and socially rather than dependent upon the created resources for assistance to survive. 

Reversing Hopelessness, Inc. encourages you to learn more about this vital & essential psychological curriculum which eliminates anxiety, depression, anger, failure in school, criminal behavior, drug addiction & much more. It is the solution to the problems and tragedies the world has been experiencing. Thank you in advance for your contributions & support in this endeavor regardless the form. 
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                                                               Faith Escudero,
                                                             MEd, CAGS, LMHC
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